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A good deal – for whom?


About Niclas Ståhlberg

- Managing Director and Founder of Ståhlberg Invest

- More than 15 years experience of real estate investments and financing in all of the Nordic countries

- Winner Nova 111, 2021

Professional experience

- Genesta, a real estate private equity firm with focus on the Nordic region

- Catella, one of the leading real estate advisory firms in Europe

- Nordea, the largest financial services group in the Nordic region


- M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

- B.Sc. in Business and Economics from Stockholm University

I clearly remember the events leading up to the founding of Ståhlberg Invest. I was employed as an investment manager and worked on an acquisition of an entire block in one of the Nordic capitals. The location was amazing and the properties had great potential for further development into a really good investment. The price was reasonable and the benefits greatly outweighed the few disadvantages. Unfortunately, the deal did not fit the company’s current investment strategy — the company was simply not the right buyer at that moment — and the deal went to another buyer. For me, losing the opportunity to make a great deal due to internal policies was frustrating. At that moment I decided to no longer just represent one buyer, but instead create the opportunity to propose good deals to the best suitable buyer.


That was the birth of Ståhlberg Invest. Since then I’ve been grateful for the privilege of representing and working with clients with widely differing investment strategies, which gives me the opportunity to pair a great investment with the right company, whose vision and strategy is just right for the intended property deal. Ståhlberg Invest carries out most of its assignments through me. When necessary, we can bring in our large network of competent and driven persons to provide valuable input for our client’s projects. This helps me determine a good deal and put it in the right hands.


My ambition is that Ståhlberg Invest will help our clients achieve the best investment opportunities for the given business strategy. I believe this is created through close collaboration between me as a consultant and you as a client. Only through a deep understanding of your business will I be able to help you make the best real estate deals with a long-term perspective.

For me it is natural to work for a more sustainable future. That's why I integrate sustainability into my overall business strategy and business plan, and it permeates all decisions. But the work is also based on an active and close dialogue with my clients. An absolute minimum is to get the properties environmentally certified. 

Ståhlberg Invest aims to be your long-term partner in successful and sustainable real estate transactions. A good deal - for you, me and the future.

Thank you for putting your trust in me. 


Niclas Ståhlberg,
Founder & Managing Director

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