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Let us assist you with your financing

We can help you raise equity or debt capital. At Ståhlberg Invest, we strive to get a deeper understanding of the clients’ business and needs in order let us find a financier and capital suitable for the client. 

We are in close dialogue with banks, institutional investors and other financiers who are willing to allocate debt and equity capital to real estate. Being responsive to what is important to the financier in combination with driving the process forward in a systematic and disciplined way is our key to successful financing.

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Creation and financing of JV in Sweden 
I am Home and Pictet have entered a partnership to take a greater role in the development and management of tomorrow's sustainable city, by developing residential projects with sustainability in focus. Ståhlberg Invest advised I am Home and Pictet on the creation of the JV and on the acquisition and financing of the first 400 homes. 


Divestments and financing for Agora in Sweden 
Agora, which owned and developed shopping centers and central properties, decided to focus on certain priority cities. Ståhlberg Invest acted as transaction manager for Agora and oversaw the divestment strategy, conducted sales processes and refinanced debt. 

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